Elon Musk Is Recruiting for Tesla: I ‘don’t care if you even graduated high school’ — CNBC

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Lack of a college degree won’t keep you from working at Tesla, according to company founder Elon Musk.

“A PhD is definitely not required,” said Musk on Twitter. “I don’t care if you even graduated high school…educational background is irrelevant.” He did add that all candidates must pass a hardcore coding test.

Skills, Not Diplomas

Denise Leaser, President of GreatBizTools, which has helped companies like Tesla Motors assess job applicants with the WebAssess pre-hire assessment tool, agrees with Musk on how companies must now depend on skills, not degrees.

“Frankly, colleges are not preparing graduates to be successful in the workforce. A Gallup poll found only 13% of Americans think college graduates in this country are well-prepared for work. And it gets worse: only 6% of the college graduates they polled believe colleges are creating job-ready graduates.”

“We should all applaud companies like Tesla, Google, Apple and IBM who are rethinking the need for a college degree. Their focus is on skills, not diplomas. That opens the door for so many people — good, hard working people who have been shut out by a college system which has created an artificial barrier to a good paying job.”

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