Are resumes really worth reading?

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Are resumes really worth reading? According to SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), as much as 46% of information on a resume can be false or misleading. Do you really want to base a hiring decision on inaccurate information, or worse, lies? The WebAssess, pre-hire assessment, does a better job predicting a candidate’s future job fit, success and retention than resumes can.

Resumes focus on what a candidate has done. WebAssess helps you to focus on a candidate’s skills, abilities and personality traits — and what a candidate can do. Resumes aren’t even the best way to identify the right employees — even if they were accurate. Evaluating candidates on job-related skills, abilities and personality traits with WebAssess is a better predictor of a candidate’s potential, their future job success and how likely they are to stay with your company.

Resumes can introduce unconscious bias into your talent acquisition process by showing gender, age, status and other demographics that have little to do with a candidate’s potential. Resumes may tell you someone’s background, education, or experience, but they don’t tell you want kind of an employee that person will be. Resumes can easily influence even the most conscientious screener, adding bias to your selection process. WebAssess helps you reduce bias in your hiring and create a more diverse, inclusive workforce — and a more vibrant, productive workplace.

So, are resumes really worth reading? Many top companies don’t think so. Companies like Tesla, Apple, IBM and Google aren’t even requiring a college degree for many, or even most, of their positions. They are using assessments, like WebAssess, to determine a candidate’s job-readiness over requiring a degree.

We recommend that you only use resumes and applications as a means to determine if they meet basic employability criteria and, instead, use a good, valid, non-biased pre-hire assessment, like WebAssess, to determine if that candidate will be a good fit for your job.

Start hiring smarter and find out how WebAssess can do a better job at predicting a candidate’s future job success and retention. Start your no-obligation, absolutely free 15-day trial of WebAssess today!

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