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MyInnerGenius is the secret ingredient in IBM’s SkillsBuild Platform

IBM uses MyInnerGenius to help match people to careers which complement their innate skills and abilities. IBM's SkillsBuild program provides jobseekers, including those with long-term unemployment, refugees, asylum seekers and veterans, with the training, personalized coaching and experiential learning they need to re-enter the workforce.

How do we help companies discover the best people?

MyInnerGeniusTM career fit assessments help people discover what they do best with careers that match their natural skills, abilities and personality -- regardless of education or background.

Companies use MyInnerGenius Assessments to:

  • Rebalance their workforce
  • Identify the best roles for applicants
  • Reduce resources
  • Decrease attrition

Our system will provide a list of customized job roles, training or career options that will be a great fit for your candidates

How do we help people discover what they do best?

Students and job seekers use MyInnerGenius to find careers or job roles they will love. MyInnerGenius goes beyond aptitudes and interests to match people using a science-based, non-biased approach to assess cognitive skills, abilities and personality traits to:

  • Improve training outcomes
  • Increase career placements
  • Improve retention
  • Increase job satisfaction
Students will receive targeted recommendations for the roles in which they will excel.


Fast & Easy

  • Customize to match your needs

    We can add recommended training paths, job postings — any type of feedback or next steps you would like your employees, candidates or students to receive.

  • Provide links to the assessment

    Use a custom signup page or send individual or bulk invitations to candidates to access the assessment page.

  • Review reports and coach

    Upon completion of the assessment, you can review the recommended career paths with your candidates.


Did you know that when you combine cognitive tests with personality assessments the validity increases incrementally by almost 300% over cognitive tests alone

A good career match reduces time to productivity and delivers revenue and cost savings


Employers save 20% of salary costs in turnover costs, not including the higher cost of employing poor performers

Making sure people have what it takes --translates into greater success in training and on the job


A science-based, non-biased approach to match skills and personality to careers -- making sure they will love what they do

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