How Your Job Description May Be Limiting Your Hiring Options

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The fundamentals of the hiring process have remained the same for decades. You submit a resume and application, wait to be notified, go through a few rounds of interviews—the first preliminary, the next more in-depth—and then wait to hear a yay or nay. The process hasn’t changed but everything else has and the old, formerly reliable ways of hiring are … Read More

5 Ways Assessments Create a More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

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HR organizations could not have predicted the dramatic impact COVID-19 would have on their employees. From isolation, to anxiety about employment stability, to burnout and a desire to work differently, HR leaders are struggling to understand their employees’ needs, desires and capabilities at a deeper level. Fortunately, modern technology can help with everything from understanding which employees may be flight … Read More

How Assessments Quickly Help People Find Their Dream Careers – “Let’s Talk About Skills Baby” PODCAST

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Unbiased assessments can quickly and accurately help people find their dream careers said Denise Leaser, President of GreatBizTools, on the podcast “Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby,” hosted by Kelly Ryan Bailey.

Assessment Technology Such As MyInnerGenius is Revolutionizing How We Understand Talent

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It is now more critical than ever that employers deploy more efficient assessment technology like MyInnerGenius to quickly and confidently identify the talent they need to meet both new and pent-up demand for products and services.

MyInnerGenius Selected for JFFLabs Impact Accelerator

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JFFLabs selected the MyInnerGenius assessments system for its Impact Accelerator program, which elevates high-impact solutions for identifying, selecting and supporting talent for entry-level and middle-skill-level jobs, particularly in IT.

JFFLabs Names MyInnerGenius An “Innovator To Watch” With Assessment Systems That Answer Companies’ Surging Talent Needs

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In 2020, JFFLabs named MyInnerGenius assessments from GreatBizTools an “Innovator To Watch,” as part of its overall mission to build a society in which everyone has access to the skills, resources, and credentials they need for economic advancement.

Decrease Bias in Hiring With A FREE Employment Interview Valuation from GreatBizTools

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“Technology has the potential to truly democratize the workforce by creating opportunities for everyone, especially those in disadvantaged communities,” according to Denise Leaser, President of GreatBizTools. GreatBizTools is on a mission to help companies decrease bias in hiring.

The 1 Thing You Need To Know When Hiring Telecommuters

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Denise Leaser, President of GreatBizTools, says a pre-hire assessment tool like WebAssess can take the guesswork out of talent acquisition by using a scientific, non-biased process in this unique HR tech to find the right people for the right jobs. Try it today!