Assessment Technology Such As MyInnerGenius is Revolutionizing How We Understand Talent

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Technology and globalization are rapidly shifting the skills required today, and incumbent workers are at risk of being left behind. At the same time, there is a critical demand for employees with contemporary, relevant skills in technology, IT and related fields. The COVID-19 crisis has further accelerated these trends.

Stephen Yadzinski, acting general manager, JFFLabs and Tyler Nakatsu, manager, JFF report that assessment technology, such as MyInnerGenius from HR technology company GreatBizTools, is revolutionizing how we understand talent during these shifts. It is now more critical than ever that employers deploy more efficient assessment tools to quickly and confidently identify the talent they need to meet both new and pent-up demand for products and services.

Companies can now do that with career fit assessment tools, which are designed to identify people’s innate skills, abilities, and personality traits and match them with careers they will love. By aligning career advice and training recommendations with the actual job opportunities that companies have available, they provide workers with meaningful, actionable insights to help them jump-start new careers.

JFFLabs partnered with to scan the market and identify exceptional assessment tools that are poised for impact. The market scan included over 400 assessment companies in total, with deep dives on 4 innovators to watch including MyInnerGenius by GreatBizTools. The MyInnerGenius assessment system was recognized for helping employers find the right people for the right job now and in the future while helping people discover what they do best. With MyInnerGenius assessments of students, employees, and jobseekers, companies can identify pre-employment training needs, rebalance their workforces, identify the best roles for applicants, and offer workers career-planning advice, regardless of education, background or circumstances.

GreatBizTools has a 40-year history of helping large enterprises and small businesses improve their hiring and skill programs and is currently working with IBM on an initiative whose goal is to help people get started in new IT careers even if they don’t have technology backgrounds. IBM is offering a free service in which it uses MyInnerGenius to match people to careers and then recommends IBM training programs that will help them attain in-demand skills. It’s a global campaign that spans the United States, the UK, Germany, France, and India.

More recently, IBM has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by launching new initiatives and sharing computing resources to help researchers, policymakers, and individuals around the world tackle the pandemic. Amid the ongoing crisis, MyInnerGenius offers a huge benefit to global users like IBM because it is a remote solution for administering and scoring assessments that offers instantaneous and completely unbiased reporting.

Help your employees future-proof their careers with a FREE DEMO OF MYINNERGENIUS HERE.


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About GreatBizTools

Headquartered in Florida, GreatBizTools is an HR technology company with a 40-year history helping enterprises and small businesses improve their hiring and skills programs. GreatBizTools is the developer of WebAssess®, an online pre-hire assessment tool used by many of the leading brands and Fortune 500 companies. MyInnerGenius®, also developed by GreatBizTools, is an HR tech innovation which uses cognitive tools to help match employees and students to careers which complement their innate skills and abilities.

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