How Companies Can Face an Uncertain Future Head-on and Come Out Ahead

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According to JFF’s Stephen Yadzinski, technology and globalization are rapidly shifting the skills required, and incumbent workers are at risk of being left behind. At the same time, there is a critical demand, in particular, for workers with contemporary, relevant skills in Technology, IT and related fields. The COVID-19 Crisis has further accelerated these trends. It is now more critical than ever that employers deploy more efficient assessment tools to quickly and confidently identify the talent they need to meet both new and pent-up demand for products and services.

MyInnerGenius was chosen by JFF Lab’s Assessment Accelerator project as 1 of the top 4 assessment tools generating significant social impact. Stephen Yadzinski, JFF acting General Manager, says of MyInnerGenius, “It’s really exciting to be part of something that has so profoundly affected individuals and communities and organizations.’

Yadzinski describes MyInnerGenius as career fit assessment tools, which are designed to identify people’s innate skills, abilities, and personality traits and match them with careers they will love. By aligning career advice and training recommendations with the actual job opportunities that companies have available, they provide workers with meaningful, actionable insights that help them jump-start new careers.

In a story on Medium, JFFLabs featured HR technology company GreatBizTools offers a career fit assessment tool called MyInnerGenius that helps employers find the best people and helps people discover what they do best. GreatBizTools is currently working with IBM on an initiative whose goal is to help people get started in new IT careers even if they don’t have technology backgrounds. At Horizons, JFF’s flagship event, MyInnerGenius was featured in a video about how the company is working with IBM to drive social impact in Youngstown, OH. Listen to the podcast below and read the entire store here.

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