How Can I Effectively Recruit Remotely Now?

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The #1 best practice for hiring during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic is to maintain social distance. But recruiting by traditional methods now is a challenge to say the least.

When things do open back up, a lot of hiring will take place quickly. How will you find candidates to fill those upcoming jobs in your organization right now?

Denise Leaser, President of GreatBizTools, developers of assessment tools WebAssess and MyInnerGenius says the first thing to do is use a fully remote, unbiased assessment tool. For example, WebAssess allows for remote administration and scoring of pre-hire assessments.

“A remote tool like WebAssess can enable you to assess 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 people in less time than it takes for your lunch break,” says Leaser. “You can come back from lunch and have a curated list of people who will be a great fit for your jobs all ready for you to schedule interviews.”

Not only does it save time and give better results, WebAssess can save companies a significant amount of money too.

Start hiring smarter and find out how WebAssess can do a better job at predicting a candidate’s future job success and retention. Start your no-obligation, absolutely free 15-day trial of WebAssess today!

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