Denise Leaser, President of WebAssess, Says Passionate People are More Successful–

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Passion creates more successful employees according to Denise Leaser, President of GreatBizTools, developer of the pre-hire assessment tool WebAssess, who recently talked with Christopher Elliott for a story on passion projects.

“When people do what they are passionate about they will be happier and more successful,” Leaser said. “And that has a ripple effect in every aspect of their lives – and on society.”

Leaser’s Passion Project Enhances Diversity and Inclusion in Hiring

For example, Leaser is passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Her company’s assessment tool, WebAssess, does just that by making sure companies are focusing on the right things in the employment screening and evaluation process.

“Too many people are being evaluated on non-job-related factors,” she said. “That means there is bias in the process and they are being evaluated on things that have nothing to do with how they will contribute to the job or how they are performing.”

Making Sure The Right People Get Into The Right Jobs

The story continues that Leaser’s customers, such as IBM and Starbucks, are happy to have solved a problem. “By minimizing or eliminating bias we make sure the right people get into the right jobs – based on only job-related criteria,” added Leaser. “This saves companies time and money and makes sure people are happier and more successful in their careers.”


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