Decrease Bias in Hiring With A FREE Employment Interview Valuation from GreatBizTools

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Many companies today want to rapidly expand diversity and inclusivity within their workforces. Non-biased HR tools will help companies go farther, faster in reaching those goals. HR leaders that tap into available technology at the very start of the hiring process will ensure you are not eliminating great candidates before you even get a chance to meet them.

“Technology has the potential to truly democratize the workforce by creating opportunities for everyone, especially those in disadvantaged communities,” said Denise Leaser, President of GreatBizTools. “For example, when you think about AI as augmented intelligence, you can start to see the possibilities that AI can bring to the HR field to help find, train and retain talent.”

Leaser’s company has a 40-year history of helping employers improve their hiring and skills programs with solutions such as pre-hire assessment tool WebAssess, which saves companies time and money by putting the right people in the right job without introducing bias, and MyInnerGenius, an HR tech innovation that uncovers employees’ job-related potential, matches them to careers that complement their capabilities and helps companies manage their career development to ensure they develop in the areas where they are the most valued.

Her company, GreatBizTools, is on a mission to help companies develop insight-driven strategic workforce initiatives. They offer FREE BizTools that help guide businesses on a number of human resources management issues, including its Employment Interview Valuation Tool.

“What you think about employment interviews may actually impact your effectiveness as an interviewer,” says Leaser.

Researchers have investigated the most common misunderstandings about interviewing people for jobs. Our Employment Interview Valuation Tool lets you check your beliefs and attitudes about interviews. It helps you learn about issues that may be affecting your success as an employment interviewer and gives you tips and recommendations for improving your interviewing skills. This will give you better results and make sure you aren’t using unconscious bias.


About GreatBizTools

Headquartered in Florida, GreatBizTools is an HR technology company with a 40-year history helping enterprises and small businesses improve their hiring and skills programs. GreatBizTools is the developer of WebAssess®, an online pre-hire assessment tool used by many of the leading brands and Fortune 500 companies. MyInnerGenius®, also developed by GreatBizTools, is an ed tech innovation which uses cognitive tools to help match employees and students to careers which complement their innate skills and abilities.

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