Two proven ways to measure people’s skills, abilities and personality traits

(Assessments for Selection and Promotion)
Identify candidates who are a perfect match for your open jobs

(Assessments for Pre-Training, Workforce Rebalancing, Career Changes)
Help students and job seekers find the perfect career role regardless of education or background

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Proven, validated results

Learning Ability
10 times more likely to learn quickly

Almost 3.5 times more likely to be productive

Job Knowledge
More than 3 times as likely to apply job knowledge

Overall Effectiveness
More than 2.5 times as likely to be effective on the job

Almost 2.5 times more likely to work well with co-workers

Problem Solving
Almost 2.5 times more likely to solve problems effectively

Quality of Work
More than 2 times as likely to do quality work

Job Commitment
Almost 2 times more likely to be committed to the job

Our validation studies show that people who score higher on our assessments outperform those who do not, across all performance areas. What does this mean for you? Lower turnover, better customer service, faster on-boarding and better employee relations.

WebAssess is a better way to hire employees you will love

WebAssess allows you to find the right candidates anytime, anywhere. You can customize your job fit assessments and personalize the user experience and tailor it to your corporate brand.

WebAssess is a better way to help you find employees you will love — employees who will love working for you because they will be successful in their jobs. WebAssess uses a comprehensive job-fit approach to make sure you find the right candidates:

  • Online, on-demand customizable testing platform
  • Proprietary industry-leading skill and ability tests
  • Personality instruments
  • Structured interviews
  • Job profile approach
  • Recommends the best way to qualify a candidate
  • Designed specifically for business

The costs of a bad hire are higher than you think

Nearly seven in ten businesses are affected by a bad hire every year

25% of employers reported a bad hire cost them more than $50,000 USD

It can cost five times the annual salary to replace a bad hire

Candidates who aren't a good fit result in higher turnover, lower sales, poor customer service, absenteeism, higher healthcare costs, workplace violence and theft — substantial costs to an organization's bottom line and reputation.

WebAssess is helping companies solve real problems

Management Time

"With WebAssess our employees don't need constant supervision and our supervisors are putting out fewer fires."


"We noticed a huge improvement in the dropout rate in our training programs after we started using WebAssess."


"Our company is more profitable since we started using WebAssess because we have higher productivity and higher quality of work."

Customer Service

"Our customer satisfaction has increased significantly after using WebAssess."


"We have a lot less waste in our manufacturing since we started using WebAssess because our employees make fewer errors."

HR Time Overall

"Our turnover has decreased so much that we are spending a lot less time hiring people since we started using WebAssess."

Trusted by leading companies, from startups to the Fortune 500

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