Why Employers Need to Change the Way They Interview

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For such a critical part of the hiring process, the way that we interview candidates is dreadfully outdated. The interview process is woefully unstandardized, allowing for bias and unimportant factors to end up making the real judgment call on who gets hired and who doesn’t. But not for long! Like many things, changes to “the way things are done” are … Read More

Three Things You’ll Only Learn From a Pre-Hire Assessment

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Resumes are an incredibly limited form of hiring. It’s convenient to have all the best aspects of a candidate boiled down to a sheet of paper, but how much does the data on a resume tell you?  You learn where they previously worked, but not how well they worked. You learn where they went to school but not if they … Read More

With Free Tuition, What Happens to Digital Credentials?

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Currently, the expense of a traditional college education is the major deterrent for those who are considering attending a university. Student loans can be exceptionally predatory and all-expense-paid grants or scholarships are the exceptions, not the rule. Because of the inflated cost of a college education, many job seekers have turned to digital badges as a form of educational credentials … Read More

How to Inform a Prospective Employer About Digital Badges

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Let’s engage in a hypothetical situation: you’re in an interview for your dream job. The person interviewing you is the person who will make the final decision. They like you, but they have one sizable concern based on your resume: you lack the “required” educational experience for the role. Now, you might not have the degree that this employer is … Read More