Are you ready for the Future of HR?

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The world we live in is rapidly changing. As our lives change, inevitably so does the way that we work. Employees are now able to be more connected than ever, but also more distant than ever at the same time.  Sound confusing? As HR professionals, it’s our job to foster a healthy environment for our workforce, no matter where they’re … Read More

Is Workforce Discrimination Sabotaging Your Business?

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Nobody wants to admit to being biased, and yet we all are. The common perception is that recognizing our biases will help us avoid them and in a way, that’s true, but recognition is only half of the work. The second half is purging that bias from not only yourself but your environment. But it’s not always easy to spot. … Read More

Bias Can Cost You Big Time: How To Remove Bias from your Workplace

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Hidden bias is the spectre that haunts the workplace—many of us can see it, but it’s effects on workers from marginalized backgrounds is very real. Nearly 50% of black and latina women say they have been mistaken for custodians, even if they were in positions of power within the company. Employees over six feet have been shown to earn more … Read More

5 Tips for Being a Productive Remote Employee

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If your workplace is one of the many that are opting to go fully digital, the transition to working entirely from home is going to be a big one for you. After all, how can you possibly remain as laser-focused and highly productive from the comfort of your home office—or if you’re like some of us, your couch. Working from … Read More