How To Help Your Employees Adjust To Returning To The Office

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As the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end, businesses have been handed a choice: do we continue working remotely, or do we transition everyone back into the office? The choice isn’t an easy one. Employees may have a higher satisfaction level working from home but are employers willing to make such a drastic change to their company as to let … Read More

Identifying Hidden Skills In Your Workforce

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I’m going to start today’s blog off by getting a little more personal than I usually do.  Once, I had an employee who was, shall we say, underperforming. Both by my standards and her own. She wasn’t doing the job to the level I knew she could, and thus she wasn’t getting the praise and promotions that most employees view … Read More

How to Identify Employees Who Will Work Best From Home

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Working from home is becoming more and more common, but it hasn’t quite expanded to the point where most employees can just decide they’re going to do their job on a remote basis whenever they want. Employers are still making the call. And it’s not necessarily an easy one. How do you know if a given employee is ready to … Read More

Increasing Diversity In Your Hiring Practices

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Every employer wants a diverse workforce. The problem is, it takes time and effort to build one. There’s more to it than just searching for employees that you consider to be diverse—to really assemble a team of people with unique skills and life experiences, you’ll have to change up the way that your hiring process works. As someone who has … Read More