WebAssess Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

At WebAssess, we believe that high-quality assessment systems should be affordable and easy to use. Many test publishers make you to talk with a sales person, offer limited information, force you into minimum purchases or monthly commitments and are priced too high for what you get. WebAssess is different.

Our pay-as-you-go model means no commitments, no term contracts and low costs. WebAssess allows you to easily adapt to your changing business needs without overcommitting your budget. You only pay for what you need with no setup fees, no monthly minimums and no upfront costs. No need to forecast or pay for tests you will never use. Paying for services on an as-needed basis reduces procurement complexity and allows your business to be fully elastic.

  • No upfront costs or setup fees
  • No commitments or contracts
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Per test or test battery billing

Why are our tests priced lower? Quite frankly, many companies are charging you way too much. By moving WebAssess to the Cloud, we are able to provide the best assessments in the industry at the most competitive prices.

Pay less by using more. With WebAssess, you automatically get volume-based discounts and realize important savings as your usage increases. We’ll drop your test battery prices when you reach certain volume thresholds.

Pay only for what you use. At the end of every month, we’ll bill you only for the tests and test batteries which were used by your candidates. The higher the volume, the lower cost per test battery. You automatically benefit from the economies of scale that allow you to keep costs under control. Whether you are administering a handful of test batteries or a large volume, you can easily estimate your monthly bill by simply counting the number of test batteries used that month.

For MyInnerGenius pricing, please fill out our Contact Us form so we can contact you to discuss your needs.

WebAssess Test Battery Pricing

Use our professionally designed Test Batteries or customize your own. A Test Battery consists of 3 or more Skill & Ability Tests and 1 Work Preferences Questionnaire Personality Instrument (WPQ) consisting of 4 personality scales administered to the same candidate at the same time. Additional personality scales can be added at a discounted rate. Contact us for additional pricing options or customization.

One test battery per month*FREETryWebAssess
Up to 10 test batteries in a month$25.00 / test battery*TryWebAssess
Up to 100 test batteries in a month            $22.50 / test battery*TryWebAssess
Up to 500 test batteries in a month$20.00 / test battery*TryWebAssess
Over 500 test batteries in a month$17.50 / test battery*TryWebAssess

* Discounted pricing only applies to Test Batteries. The test batteries must be used in the same calendar month to qualify for the discount. Free tests expire at the end of the calendar month and cannot be accumulated.

WebAssess Ala Carte Pricing

Not sure if you want to use our pre-designed or custom test batteries?
That's okay, you can create your own Ala Carte program by purchasing individual tests or individual Work Preferences Questionnaires.

Individual Skill & Ability Test$2.00 / test
Work Preferences Personality Instrument (includes up to 4 personality scales)*$20.00 / instrument  
FutureFit Personality AssessmentStarts at $99/assessment
* Additional personality scales are $5/scale

WebAssess Pricing Plan Features

All of our Pricing Plans include all of these features:

  • One free test battery per calendar month
  • Use professionally pre-designed batteries
  • Customize test batteries
  • Administer tests online 24/7
  • View test results immediately
  • Store assessment results online
  • Free use of BizTools
  • Store BizTools results online
  • Pay only for tests that are actually used
  • Free tips and articles on best practices
  • Free access to resource library
  • Free concierge customer service