Deloitte Selects WebAssess as a Top Prehire Assessment Solution for Hiring Based on Values, Fit and Potential

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Highly mature talent acquisition (TA) functions are deeply integrated with HR and the business to further organizations’ strategic talent priorities, according to Deloitte Global and Bersin by Deloitte, the company’s specialized consulting group dedicated to delivering Insights and Services for HR.

The prehire assessment solutions market, which includes WebAssess from GreatBizTools, supports this effort not only by helping organizations hire for values, fit and potential but also by providing data and insights to bridge ongoing performance to retention.

To effectively differentiate between solutions in the market, buyers need to understand the different capabilities that providers are offering to support these key activities. Mackenzie Wilson, Senior Research Analyst and Denise Moulton, Vice President, Talent Acquisition Research Leader of Deloitte Consulting conducted Prehire Assessment Solutions research, assessing 28 different solutions with capabilities to support the five factors associated with the Talent Acquisition Maturity Model.

They compiled their findings in an article that profiles each vendor solution provider, offering insights into which capabilities they offer to support the different talent acquisition (TA) maturity factors and assessment categories.

As part of their research, Wilson and Moulton highlighted a number of prehire assessment solution capabilities that organizations can evaluate through the lens of the five factors associated with TA maturity:

  • Talent acquisition alignment
  • Personalized talent journey
  • Strategic recruiting
  • Data and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Capability development

By using this framework, organizations can help to ensure that the candidate evaluation process is aligned with the broader recruitment strategy.

WebAssess From GreatBizTools Featured As A Solution That Identifies Candidates By Skills, Abilities and Personality Traits

The 28 solutions providers that participated in the Deloitte Prehire Assessment Solutions survey are classified accordingly in one of three broad areas: talent acquisition (focused exclusively on recruitment applications), talent management (offer solutions for both recruitment and employee development), or human capital management (part of a larger HCM solution offering).

Each vendor profile provides perspective about the company, its performance, a description of the solution, and an analysis chart of the TA capabilities offered. Additionally, the profiles provide a glimpse of assessment categories supported based on the different combinations of form and function each provider offers.

Many solution providers offer additional services and solutions not included within their profiles. While the inclusion of each solution provider is representative of the prehire assessment provider market, it is not an exhaustive list.

GreatBizTools LLC (WebAssess)

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Assessment Categories Supported:

  • Personality: Questionnaire
  • Behavioral: Questionnaire, Simulation, Observation
  • Skills validation: Questionnaire, Simulation, Observation
  • Capability: Questionnaire
  • Culture: Questionnaire

About the WebAssess Talent Acquisition Solution

The WebAssess platform focuses on the front end of the hiring process, helping hiring managers to identify candidates by focusing on job-related skills, abilities and personality traits rather than relying solely on resume content and past work history.

The WebAssess assessment system is designed to reduce bias by measuring skills that contribute to job success rather than education, race, gender, or other biographical information. Originally available as paper-and-pencil instruments, WebAssess has been available as an online platform for several years and is now focused on redesigning to create a more robust web-based platform with new interactive tools to provide employers with more powerful data to make strategic workforce decisions.

Start hiring smarter and find out how WebAssess can do a better job at predicting a candidate’s future job success and retention. Start your no-obligation, absolutely FREE 15-DAY TRIAL OF WEBASSESS today.


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About GreatBizTools

Headquartered in Florida, GreatBizTools is an HR technology company with a 40-year history helping enterprises and small businesses improve their hiring and skills programs. GreatBizTools is the developer of WebAssess®, an online pre-hire assessment system used by many of the leading brands and Fortune 500 companies. MyInnerGenius®, also developed by GreatBizTools, is an HR tech innovation which uses cognitive tools to help match employees and students to careers which complement their innate skills and abilities.

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