Have you ever thought about starting a new career, but had no idea where to start?

The MyInnerGenius® career fit assessment looks at what you can do, not just what you have done.

We will give you targeted recommendations for the roles in which you will excel and we'll provide complete learning journeys to get you started.

We've taken all of the guesswork out of starting a new career!

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You can use MyInnerGenius to find careers or job roles you will love. MyInnerGenius goes beyond aptitudes and interests to match you to careers using a science-based, non-biased approach to assess cognitive skills, abilities and personality traits to:

  • Find the roles that best match your competencies
  • Help you get started in a new career
  • Increase your success in training
  • Potentially earn digital badges that help build your digital resume
  • Help find jobs in your new role

Are you ready to start a new career?

There are endless possibilities for you and we want to make sure you get started in the right place!

CareerCircle is collaborating with MyInnerGenius, one of the world's leading assessment companies, to help you find out which careers you will love -- careers that are a great match for you -- regardless of your prior training or experience.

MyInnerGenius is a special assessment designed to help you find careers that fit your natural skills, abilities and personality. There is no studying involved. Regardless of your education or background, these assessments will help you find a role where you have the best chance to be successful now and in the future.

We will match you to training so you can get started in your new career right away. How great is that?